Benefit from social media sharing to win new customers?

Social Sharing

There is nothing more important than to share a positive experience. Astonishing survey results (conducted by have proven that humans rather remember a good experience/story than a bad one. So let your customers vote for you, use their voice to show your great service with myGymPoint and let them win new customers for you.

  • Recommendations are the most powerful marketing tool.
  • 77% of recommendations come from friends and relatives
  • 89% remember positive experiences/stories; only 7% remember negative ones.
  • Bottom Line: Enabling your customers to easily share their experience is key.
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Excite your customers and let them share their experience!

Reach out to future customers where they are: On the go with their smart phone an tablet. Let your customers share and reach your future customers wherever they are/go. Trust them, trust us, let them share!

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Great Experience + myGymPoint = New Customers

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