myGymPoint: No Installation Required!

Work with ANY Internet Browser!

Concerned about installing and learning new software? Don´t worry, myGymPoint is known for its ease of use. You start today and tomorrow you already know how it works. Plus, there is no admin work to do as myGymPoint a cloud application which just needs a browser. You care about your customers, we care about the availability of myGymPoint:

  • No installation or maintenance.
  • Easy to use for a quick ROI
  • Work from anywhere with myGymPoint. You just need a internet connection and a browser.
  • We help to gain efficiency by avoiding complexity!
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Our cloud based service provides flexibility, security and high availability.

Flexibility means mobility. You can work with myGymPoint from any place. You just need an internet connection and a browser; even on your smartphone due to our responsive design.


  • Flexbility with cloud services
  • Encrypted and secured data including backups!


Big progress for a little invest!

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