We have just run an update last Thursday which brings new features to you. It´s now by far easier to stay in touch with your fitness customers. With our PUSH notification service, you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere. Like before with our in App News Center but now with active Push Notification which let´s users know actively, that there is a new message. In addition, users can now see who else is going to participate in a fitness course. The so called “participants list” is also available with our update from last Thursday.

Participants List

You would like to see who else is going to participate in your favorite course? No problem with myGympoint from now on. But, to see others you also need to set your profile to be visible for others too. It´s within two minutes:

1. Login at app.mygympoint.com with your username and password

2. Klick on “Settings” within the upper right menue


3. Go to “Privacy” and set the flag for visibility. DONE! From now on you can see others and others can see you. Don´t forget to save it!!





PUSH Notification

It´s now really easy to make sure fitness customers really get all the urgent and important news from you. With myGymPoint Push Notifications, customers receive an active notification alert within the smartphone´s message center. On a click on these messages, customers are forwarded to the message that was sent out. Thus, fitness customers don´t need to check messages within the app themselfes on a regular basis but rather get informed when a new message arrives.

This way, you can reach your customers for all urgent and important messages: Changes in fitness course schedule, cancellations or simply promotional content and links to any other external page of yours. The iOS Mobile App is currently being reviewed and should be available by the 27th of December latest. Follow us on Twitter to get brief updates: myGymPoint Twitter!

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